रविवार, जनवरी 23, 2011

आंसूओं का सामान

सरहद के उस पर से,
क्यों हमेशा,
आंसूओं का सामान आता है.
कभी बंदूक-तोप-बमों
के धमाके आते हैं.
और कभी बस चुपचाप
प्याज आ जाता है.


मेरी फ़ोटो
If you find moody among moodiest, you'll find me standing in the front file & on the sea shore of time on the sliding sand of my mind from the ripples of life. And that ripples is toast with the perfect blend of doing things in different ways. It is not like that I am different from any other, but I have something that differentiate me from the rest of surroundings, additionally integrate me with the characters roaming in my visinity. With that I am fond of moving off the track enjoying the twist in life. I hate stupidity, fake superiority complex, dishonesty, falsehood of any kind and indiscipline. Transparency in my life help me in deviating my energy to convert it into strength rather than keeping life black to look opaque. Being religious help me in getting out of stress and get my biological RAM flash out. Speed is my in-out. You find me fast express speaking man. It is hard to understand me sometimes when I was on peak of my expresso flow of words.